5. Five question intervieW


Ensemble Member Kelsey Brennan treads the boards as the vivacious Gwendolyn in Travesties. But last summer she played the role of Cecily for American Players Theatre. We interviewed Kelsey to get her insights into the two different roles as well as the two companies' approaches to the script.

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4. timeline

  1. Facts behind the fiction of travesties

Explore a summary of the historical events, including WWI, that led Joyce, Lenin, Tzara, and Henry Carr to be in Zurich, Switzerland at the same time.

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1. About the author

Tom Stoppard is the acknowledged master of what has been termed “serious comedies,” sparklingly witty plays that deal with large, complex ideas. Stoppard’s extensive list of works spans multiple decades and media, including radio, television, film, and even a novel, making him one of the most internationally produced artists of his generation. His critically acclaimed career has garnered him many awards and honors, including an Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love, co-written with Marc Norman, and a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 1997. Stoppard currently lives with his third wife in London.

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  1. John Heilpern of Vanity Fair interviews Stoppard over a quick bite during a rehearsal break for his 2014 Broadway revival of The Real Thing.​

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  1. ​Michael Billington, a longtime Stoppard critic, reflects on the ups and downs of Stoppard’s decade-spanning career and examines some of his greatest works that are bursting with intellect, wit, humor, and, “the high-wire balancing act that has always been his forte.” 

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  1. Are you Tom Stoppard’s biggest fan?  Take this quick and exciting quiz to test your knowledge on one of today’s greatest living playwrights.

3. the dada movement

Stoppard pays homage to the Dada movement throughout Travesties​, most notably through the character of Tristan Tzara. But what is the Dadaism? How did it get its name? And how did the movement get its start?

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In preparation for shows with extensive vocabulary, historical background, and/or cultural references, an actor's best friend can be the Sourcebook. Prepared by the production's Dramaturg, the Sourcebook is a resource filled with useful information that helps the actors understand the context of the show. The Sourcebook for Travesties​, prepared by dramaturg Erin Shea Brady, contains information about Tom Stoppard, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Switzerland, and more.

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5. FOUR question intervieW


Being Remy Bumppo's Producing Artistic Director keeps Nick Sandys involved with every Remy Bumppo production, but as the director of Travesties, he has even deeper insights into the process, significance, and excitement of this play.

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  1. 1. About the Author
  2. 2. About Joyce, Lenin, and Tzara
  3. 3. The Dada Movement
  4. 4. Timeline

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  1. 5. Four Question Interview
    with Nick Sandys
  2. 6. Five Question Interview
         with Kelsey Brennan
  3. 7. Sourcebook​​​


In Travesties, Tom Stoppard imagines what it would be like if James Joyce, Vladimir Lenin, and Tristan Tzara happened to meet. His inspiration for this fictional meeting arose from the historical fact that Joyce, Lenin, and Tzara all really were in Zurich, Switzerland in 1917. Stoppard weaves truth and fantasy throughout Travesties, using the facts as a foundation for his always fascinating, occasionally outlandish characters. 

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