Remy Bumppo's Post-show Talkbacks offer the opportunity to explore and discuss the show with the artists behind it - including the performers! 

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Todd Bauer leading the
for Heroes.
Idris Goodman, Kelly Tsai, and Usman Ally 
in thinkTank: American Ethnic
Photo Credit: Johnny Knight Photos

Studio Bumppo

Remy Bumppo offers an array of classes for theatre lovers, playwrights, and actors. Embark on an educational adventure with some of your favorite Remy Bumppo artists at the helm!

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Remy Bumppo's Between the Lines events introduce patrons to noted experts in a range of fields who share insights on the play in a pre-show lecture and then re-join the audience for a post-show Q&A session. It is a wonderful afternoon of think theatre!

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between the lines

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