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Using the Field Guide

Welcome to the Remy Bumppo Field Guide!


This is our forum for dramaturgical information on our current shows as well as interviews with actors and associates. It is intended to improve your theater experience and to provide you with a richer vocabulary for thinking and talking about that experience—just as the Field Guide to North American Birds helps you to identify and make connections between what you hear and what you see.

Under the tab for each production, you will find articles about the play, playwright, period, and various themes with which the play and production engage.

In addition to extensive resources related to what’s currently on stage, we also provide an archive of previous shows stretching back to the 2009/10 season. You may browse individual articles in The Archives menu, or complete production Field Guides in the Printable Archives menu.

To access a hard copy of the Field Guide for a recent production, click on the tab for the desired production and select the first article entitled “Print Your Field Guide.” To access a hard copy of the Field Guide for an archived production, select the desire production from the Printable Archives menu.